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World Of RPG Games

When doing research, there are many similarities on the steps that follow a normal game. Research contains steps that require a question, keywords, sources, and then organization. Because of these steps, doing research can sometimes dull out a person if the topic is boring. Because of this, we created a game that follows the rules of a single player RPG (Role Playing Game) format to allow a user to find sources for research in a more interesting way.  In a RPG game, there contains a role in which a player follows to achieve a specific objective. During the time spent to achieve the objective, there would be obstacles, awards, and punishments in order to keep the player interested and get a full understanding of the game, while at the same time, the player would also know how the game follows the similar rule of doing research themselves.

Step into the new world of  Word Press with Gaming and doing Research.

Here Lies the portal that displays a new single player RPG game that Favors all ages for gamers! A game designed to allow and player to enter into the world of Role Playing Worlds and still be able to learn how to really work for their research in a More Interesting Way !!


Charscters and Heroes !!!!













Welcome to the world of characters and and classes of heroes in which the player may choose from many. Each hero has their own abilities and own skills. While choosing a hero, keep in mind that you can also create your own quests to do any sort of internet research as well creating the ULTIMATE experience. Who wouldn’t have fun doing research and within a game ALL AT THE SAME TIME !!!!


Creeps that exist are ranged from level 1-level 100(max) which every 5 levels of creeps is a different rank. Because of research and games can bore players, the level 100/max leveled creeps are bosses in which killing these bosses will be an immense challenge. The game ends once all 12 of the bosses are killed and special items are given to the play based on their class. Also there are Quests to fulfill so that the player may level up faster and be able to kill more creeps. Each quest is different and will differ based on level of the player and the class of the player.

The Slow Creation Of The Game!!

In order to achieve the topic, we discussed about first how we wanted the game to be like and after a few ideas; we finally chose to use a RPG game as the style and focused on what type of research the game should do. The game was chosen to attract attention and to make it educational to allow the players to be able to do research at the same time and feel the experience of the game itself. Once the game style was chosen, we searched for sources to allow us to create this game by looking for educational game systems, how a RGP attracts their attention of players and finally a quick opinion of the future for technological games and education combined. This brings up the game since the education game system shows a chart on how to create an education based game and the set of rules to apply to it (Kiili, 4-5). Using the poll, we designed the game based on the interests of the player who are well experienced in RPG gaming themselves which includes what specific reason do they like playing these types of games (Lezard). Lastly using the blog, we determined how far the game can go and the importance of games to the new generation (eZombie).

The New Future World

Hubpages.com is a forum,from a writer known as eZombie who wants to express his/her own ideas on what to see in the future of gaming and education.

It talks about how learning through video games is the future. It notes that there are three primary ways of learning. The first is through sight, second would be through sound, and last would be through touching and movement (eZombie, p3). Games and play’s serve as a medium of non-traditional learning often used to aid in education. The examples of these are flash cards and board games, developed to build math, geography, typing, language, and memory skills (eZombie, p3). This supports our reason of using a video game to help one do research because it will help the user pay attention as well as learn. It makes the point that in today’s time everyone can afford the new technology because back then, computers were limited, expensive, and not to mention very bulky. But now, technology is compacted and very affordable. Learning through gaming is basically the future of education.